I started making photographs at the age of fourteen. I was interested in how to posit the world around me, how to lock sights that are special to me. At first I was taking photographs of my family, friends and events related to them. I was very interested in the human face but later the city started to excite me: the pulse, the buildings, the vehicles, the constant moving. After that the abstract world came into my mind: reflections, shadows, puddles, bursts, decaying walls. I liked unrecognizable compositions, pictures you can watch for hours until you find out what they're about. Nowadays I'm looking for emotions in my projects. In 2013 I traveled through Hungary's national studs, I was taking photographs of horses for a year. On the meadows I found heaps of emotions - friendships, love, envy, passion and even anger. It was the most exciting challenge of my life to sense, recognize and record them.

My photographs catch one moment of the reality but hopefully tell much more than that.


Sára Révai
Mobile: +36-30-660-8685
E-mail: sararevai@hangonphoto.hu


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